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Christopher Simwinga

Christopher Simwinga

Christopher Simwinga

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Am Christopher Simwinga a Program Coordinator of the Youth Training Organization (YTO) a local registered environmental NGO in Tanzania. We have been planting trees since 2012 and already 3.2 million trees planted. 

Why Forest? So much depends on them, including stability of our climate change. Did you know that deforestation is now responsible for greenhouse gas emmisions then all the world's planes, trains, cars, trucks and ships -combined?

Yet deforestation claims globally an area of Forest the size of Tanzania each year?

The campaign of UN was inspired by the late Noble Peace Prize Winner Professor Wangari Mathai founder of the Green Belt Movement. When Executive in the United States told Prof. Mathai their Cooperation was planning to a million trees, her response was;

"That's great, but we really need is to plant a billion trees".